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True paw lovers…

Pet lovers like yourselves always have joy and maybe pain with their pets. The joy of the companionship of a pet and the pain of the damage some cause to furniture and carpet. Masking the odor by purchasing wall plugin air fresheners and aerosol spray deodorizers that are simply ineffective now it's maybe time to call a professional for your pet treatment needs.

Time is your enemy here…

Pet urine, left unattended, can damage carpet in several ways. Moisture can weaken the layers of the carpet, allowing separation or delamination of the backing material. Seam areas can be particularly damaged and can separate.

Did you see that?

Owners of even the best-trained pets will occasionally encounter pet accidents. Often, the urine is not discovered until long after the accident. The types of damage from pet stains can be diverse and are dependent upon the makeup of the urine.

Being observant helps…

Urine content will change over the pet’s life because of the pet’s diet, medications, age, health, sex, and reproductive cycles. Because of these variations, some urine stains may not be removable. Urine can affect the dyes used in carpet, although not all occurrences will result in a permanent stain. If the fabric is stained and discolored, we work to attempt to reverse those damages. Acting quickly, removing pet accidents can be accomplished with almost any cool, neutral cleaning solution. No one has time to follow their pets around all day just to avoid an accident, but when those accidents occur a lot of occasions, you don’t know it’s as bad as it is until you have a professional come out to inspect. The yellowish urine color is not removed with a simple cleaning solution. Long standing pet contamination that has not been weakened, neutralized and extracted rapidly, starts the bacteria in the urine to multiply and produce enzymes, the deposit smells like ammonia and alters the color (bleaches) of the fibers on your carpets. In order to fix discoloration, carpets would require re-dyeing.

We do our best…

Often, customers observe a pet problem it seems small on the surface. We have a few instruments, with a closer investigation we often reveal a much larger problem below. Our goal is to remove the source (alkaline salts) with products designed to do so and eliminate the offensive odors. Un-spayed pets actively mark territory here and there. Once a family pet has urinated on the surface set must be immediately and thoroughly removed. Consumers only clean the surface, and as a result, the pet can still smell its scent and remark.

Quotes on location
  • $25
  • 1 Spot
  • e.g., Dining room
Quotes on location
  • $$$
  • 4 Spots
  • e.g., Master bedroom
Quotes on location
  • $$$
  • 10 Spots
  • e.g., Basement

Method of Pet Cleaning

Pretreat pet areas then hot water extraction. Depending on the type of service will determine the method. A single urine spot may just need a carpet injection with enzyme treatment.

There are four types of pets, with similar but different characteristics:
Male – Perimeter of the room or vertical surfaces
Female – Open areas or corners of a room
Spayed (female)
Neutered (male) – Main concern with elimination (emptying the kidney) in many areas.
There are three major concerns consumers have with pet urine accidents:
hygroscopic salts (alkaline)
decomposition (decaying bacteria)
offensive odor (gasses)


Remove bad odor
ECO-Friendly Solution
Kill germs & bacteria
Remove spots
Find hidden accident areas

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