The primary method of stain formation is surface stains, where the staining substance is spilled out onto the surface or material and is trapped in the fibers. The longer the stain material remains in the carpet, the higher the chance of permanent color change, even if all the original stain material is removed. Check out our Wow! Photos.

Wine spill on carpets for Sanitize 4 Serenity


Quotes on location
  • $20
  • 1 Spot
  • e.g., Master bedroom
Quotes on location
  • $$$
  • 4 Spots
  • e.g., Playroom
Quotes on location
  • $$$
  • 10 Spots
  • e.g., Pet accidents

Method of Spot Cleaning

Vacuuming your carpet is the first thing we need to do because the dry soil removal is a major part of carpet cleaning. Moving some furniture just before we may need to pretreat any troubled soiled areas. Our Detergent Free Cleaner is sprayed just before an Absorbent Pad is used to extract soil. After our prep work is complete, Low Moisture Cleaning also is known as Bonnet cleaning is performed.

Our method we use is one of only five ways to clean carpet. It is a rotary system; we scrub your carpets clean in a 'nondestructive' way. Solutions are sprayed, and it dissolves soil, loosens it from its grip on carpet, suspends and allows us to extract, the result is locked into our pads. We do not use detergents in the form of a dry solvent based or any carbonated type solutions. We use a  detergent free cleaning solution. A non-toxic ECO-Friendly product is safe for humans, pets and it’s wool safe. During the agitation phase of soil suspension, the bonnet attracts and absorbs suspended soils for removal.


Treat spots before they turn into stains
More uniform look
Remove ugly spots
Save on replacement
Save on security deposits
Frequently Asked Question

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  • Can paint be removed?

    Yes, best before it drys hard.

  • Can coffee stains be removed?

    Yes, it can. Coffee with cream in it is a different challenge.

  • Do you charge to pretreat spots?

    On our general cleaning for soil no, but on special stains that require special treatment yes.

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