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Carpet before cleaning with grease dust from exercise bike.
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A traditional or general carpet cleaning so it seems until we moved the exercising bike. This is all to common on carpets. We recommended getting a rubber mat to prevent situations like this. This comes from the active usage of the bike. And I must say this bike gets ...

Electrostatic disinfecting sink knob
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Fresh and so clean is what our customer was looking for as they just moved in a day ago. No chance for any germs to survive after this spray down.

While using our electrostatic handle sprayer to sanitize and disinfect their door knobs and hand touching areas that loves to harbor germs and bacteria.

It all started with this

Electrostatic spray disinfectant
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Here's another successful job, and satisfied client needing a quick turn around before the weekend came. We were able to come into their location late Friday night to sanitize their building with an Electrostatic Sprayer Super Charged to kill germs and viruses. This means that our machine spray out a disinfectant solution that sticks ...

Fast drying carpets
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This is our third time around cleaning carpets in our customer's house. This time the main concern was to see if we could get out child's paint.


Some times that so called water-base paint is full of it if you know what I mean. We were able to remove most, but some spots were just to tough to remove and get out on this first ...

Electric cord in air duct vent
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Its not our style to just bash another contractor, but come now, what is that? This is against call codes, running a electric wirer through the air duct vents.

We had to inform our customer that this was the case being that they just close on this condo a day ago. So, they were completely unaware.

Outside of that this job went smooth! ...

Return vent cleaning
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What a way to start your morning. This was a carpet and air duct cleaning out here in Westminster, MD. The job it self wasn't too bad, but it was almost double the amount of work we was not expecting.

As you can see in the first picture how much dust and dirt in that return vent line. I know better and should have had my mask on. I guess I ...

Cutting around a supply vent
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This air duct cleaning job was one of the easier ones to clean. Easy from the since that our hose didn't get jammed up in any vent line. Air ducts cleaning is not necessarily an easy service.

looking from the too picture cutting the paint from around the vent is a challenge all on its owe. We were able to take care of those vents as if they ...

Upholstery Cleaning by Sanitize 4 Serenity
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A perfect scenario for taking take of an upholstery cleaning job with a lot of challenges. As you can see we had our work cut out for us.

Our customer's dog loved laying around on their sectional sofa, and the evidence shows. With multiple drool spots, and time of it setting in, we didn't know exactly how the out come would be.

We ...

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