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Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpets in your home, at some point, you would need a carpet cleaning. We are proud to say that we are a local company, the type of carpet cleaning service people look for near them in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Low moisture carpet cleaning is a service we offer; with a deodorizing fresh scent, no over wetting carpets, carpets stay cleaner longer, and drys faster than most. Our customers love these features, and they like to take advantage of them. Again, it is a fast drying carpet cleaning system that the clients benefit from the most. We extract the soil through absorbing pads. Not to mention removable stains do not reappear. Sanitize 4 Serenity uses an unscented ECO-Friendly carpet cleaning solution; adding two different deodorizers with enzymes at no additional cost. One of those deodorizers is an odor digesting enzyme — it helps fight to eat up odors in carpets, foot and general odors (not for pet or protein odors).

If any heavily soiled areas are present, like hallways, stairs, landings, walking paths around furniture, entryways, entering kitchens, and back sliding doors areas, etc. We attack those areas with a high-grade heavy duty solution to give us the best chance to break up the dirt in those areas of concern. 75% to 80% of all soil is dry and cannot be dissolved in water or solvents. So, vacuuming is the best and most thorough way of removing that trapped dirt from your carpets. Vacuuming for us is a critical process we do (while using commercial vacuum cleaners). After vacuuming, the only thing that’s left is the soil attached to the fibers of your carpet. We pretreat any high traffic land areas, agitate to loosen soil, spray our ECO-Friendly Carpet Cleaning solution, proceed with our Low Moisture clean and then groom if required. Grooming lifts carpet piles back up, allow air to flow through better, in turn, your carpets dry faster and help keep your carpets healthy. We are confident this is a service you will enjoy.

Gravity pulls water from over-wet carpets downwards, reaching the backing, and can cause a number of problems. Some problems we do not encounter. Because, we can control our moisture better, carpet moisture evaporates much faster, so, we have far less chance of those challenges. Carpets remaining wet for days have a good chance of growing mold and mildew underneath them. Excessive heat over time can cause separation of carpet backing or carpets not drying fast enough because moisture is trapped in your padding, and can not evaporate quickly enough to avoid.

Many customers concerned that their carpet care professional is exposing them to harmful chemicals, well, feel at ease when you're calling Sanitize 4 Serenity. The product we use is formulated without the harmful ingredients often found in other formulations. Our toxin-free cleaner penetrates deep in the carpet to clean some of the worst accumulated soils. Plus, it reduces carpet re-soiling after cleaning, helping carpet to look fresher longer.

There are only two major categories in carpet fibers:
Natural - from plants or animals
Silk (usually found only in oriental rugs)
Synthetic - from petrochemicals
Some of the reasons we chose this cleaning method:
Drying time is quick (15 minutes to 2 hours)
Carpets stay cleaner longer between cleanings
Transform dingy looking carpets to a like new appearance
Lower impact on the environment than hot-water extraction
No excessive water or overheating
No delamination of carpet (weakening the back
No common wicking issues and spill stains reappearing
No mold or mildew growth underneath your carpets
No foul or sour orders

Method of Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming your carpet is the first thing we need to do because the dry soil removal is a major part of carpet cleaning. Moving some furniture just before we may need to pretreat any troubled soiled areas. Our Detergent Free Cleaner is sprayed just before an Absorbent Pad is used to extract soil. After our prep work is complete, Low Moisture Cleaning also is known as Bonnet cleaning is performed.

Our method we use is one of only five ways to clean carpet. It is a rotary system; we scrub your carpets clean in a 'nondestructive' way. Solutions are sprayed, and it dissolves soil, loosens it from its grip on carpet, suspends and allows us to extract, the result is locked into our pads. We do not use detergents in the form of a dry solvent based or any carbonated type solutions. We use a  detergent free cleaning solution. A non-toxic ECO-Friendly product is safe for humans, pets and it’s wool safe. During the agitation phase of soil suspension, the bonnet attracts and absorbs suspended soils for removal.

Service Includes
Move some furniture
Pretreat (if needed)
Scrub carpets clean (nondestructive)
Groom carpets (lift piles)
For you, all smiles
Carpet dries fast
ECO-Friendly Solution
Detergent free
No re-soiling
No water saturation
No carpet color fade
No excessive heat
No carpet backing delamination
No chance of Mold & Mildew growth underneath carpet
85 to 90% of all our cleaning are done with our general cleaning


3 Area Package
  • $165
  • 3 Large areas
  • e.g., Master bedroom (w/o sitting area), Set of stairs, and Dining room
5 Area Package
  • $225
  • 3 Lg. & 2 Sm.
  • e.g., Family room, Set of stairs, Office, Hallway, and Landing in steps
7 Area Package
  • $370
  • 6 Lg. & 1 Sm.
  • e.g., 2 Bedrooms, Family, "L" Shaped Hall, Living, Dining & Set of stairs

Carpet Cleaning Areas

Large (Lg)
Master bedroom
Dining room
Living room
Family room
Stairs (one set from 10 steps to 16 steps, hand work)
TV room
Movie room
Game room
Nursery room
Play room
Basement (equivalent to one room)
Small (Sm)
Sitting room
"L" Shaped Hallway
"T" Shaped Hallway
"U" Shaped Hallway
Landing in steps
Small top landing (hallway)
Dressing area (Jack & Jill)
Walk-in Closet
Frequently Asked Question

  • How long does it take for my carpets to dry?

    Your carpets dry as fast as 15 minutes, but on average it takes 30 to 45 minutes. If we have to pre-treat high traffic areas, it could take up to 2 hours or so in some cases.

  • How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

    If you have pets (e.g., dog & cat) usually every two or three months, if you have little children four or five months, but if it's just you or two people every six months to a year. We don't recommend going past 12 months.

  • Do you steam clean carpets?


  • What type of carpet cleaning do you do?

    We are a low moisture carpet cleaning company. We scrub your carpets clean (nondestructively).

  • Do spots reappear after my carpets dry?

    No, not with our method.

  • Will mold or mildew grow underneath my carpets?

    No, never with us.

  • Will my carpets be hard after they drys?

    No, after they dry they'll be soft.

  • Do I have to vacuum first?

    It's always good practice to vacuum, but no, we will vacuum for you.

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