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We offer upholstery cleaning services using both wet and dry methods. Accumulated soil affects the appearance of your furniture. Allow us to refresh it.

Uplostery Cleaning

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It's true, we all release body oil…

Professional upholstery cleaning can be beneficial in increasing the longevity of your fabrics, helping to preserve their bounce, luster, and color. Additionally, regular cleaning will refresh your furniture's appearance.

We kindly suggest that when you notice soil on the arms of chairs or sofas, it is likely due to our body oils. To ensure the best results, we recommend cleaning upholstery as soon as possible; waiting too long can make it more difficult to remove the soil.

We recognize that our furniture is often used and may be easily overlooked. We also understand that our bodies naturally secrete oils, which can accumulate over time.

Upholstery Cleaning is an essential part of taking care of your furniture. Human body oils, dirt, dust, and allergens can soil upholstery over time. To prevent the build-up of body oils, vacuum, and spot-treat stains regularly.

Sanitize 4 Serenity offers a wide range of services and is the provider of choice in Baltimore and the surrounding counties based on our Yelp reviews from our customers. Your furniture is one of your most significant investments in your home. Investing in professional upholstery cleaning services can help extend the fabrics' life, revitalize furniture, and keep colors vibrant.

We use only the best and safest cleaning methods and products to ensure your upholstery is free of allergens, dirt, and dust. Contact Sanitize 4 Serenity today for more information and to schedule your upholstery cleaning appointment.

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A synthetic microfiber upholstered sofa. Nothing major, just a filthy couch with a family with a few children.

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Upholstery Cleaning Codes

Cleaning Labels

There are different methods of cleaning furniture, such as wet cleaning, dry cleaning, and shampooing. Wet cleaning is the most common method, while other materials may require dry cleaning or other techniques.

Upholstery can be returned to a like-new condition using various tools and techniques, including extraction machines, hand cleaning, brushing, drilling, grooming, and cleaning cloths.

Cleaning codes:
Most upholstered furniture has small cleaning symbols in hidden places. Some will have a "W" symbol for wet clean only, some an "S” symbol for dry clean only, and some will have both "W/S” or “S/W” symbols meaning it can take both types of cleaning methods.

Dry Clean Only "S" Code

Wet Clean Only "W" Code

Dry or Wet Cleaning Only "S/W" Codes

All Fabric Cleaning Codes

Wet Cleaning Only "W" Code

Wet or Dry Cleaning "W/S" Codes


From Chairs to Sectional Uphlostery Cleaning

We kindly provide you with the prices of various types of fabrics and furniture items. Synthetic fabric (polyester, mircofiber) costs $17-$19 per foot, Natural fabric (cotton, jute) costs $23-$25 per foot, and Fine fabric (linen, wool, silk) costs $35-$38 per foot. Ottomans cost $25-$75 each, while chairs range from $15 to $95 each, depending on the type of chair.


Different Chair Sizes

range from

$15 - $95


Minumum service fee starts at $125


Loveseat Cleaning

starting at


a foot

Minumum service fee starts at $125


Sofa Cleaning

starting at


a foot

Minumum service fee starts at $125


Sectional Cleaning

starting at


a foot

Minumum service fee starts at $150


Sofas | Sectionals | Chairs | Ottomans

We base our prices on length, material type, and soil condition. Usually, the minimum size for sectionals is 10 feet, but there may be exceptions in rare cases.

We offer various upholstery-cleaning seating options, including dining room chairs, recliner chairs, ottomans, and oversized chairs.


Over time, spots turn into stains; with our busy lives today with work, children, pets, family, and friends, it may be hard to get to them promptly. If you have a stain or two, call us, and we will ask you a few questions to assess the situation. Different techniques and solutions are required for various stains. Some of these stains come with risk as well.

The most common stains are from pets, like urine, feces, and vomit; then you have stains from children, like juice, red dye, magic markers, paint, etc. Adults have their share of stains like wine, soda, rust, plants, make-up, ink, paint, etc. There is an extensive list of stains coming from a lot of different sources. So getting them treated soon benefits you; the longer the wait, the more it can potentially hurt (your pockets).


An unscented ECO-Friendly solution that's detergent-free. So, what's the big deal about "detergent-free"? Well, our detergent-free cleaner only contains ingredients listed as Generally Considered Safe for Consumption by the Food and Drug Administration and do not contain petrochemicals, a carcinogen, perfumes, surfactant, Phosphates, NTA, EDTA, Alkali builder, acidic, or VOC'S.

Okay, okay, that might be a mouthful. Indoor air quality can be improved. Our solution reduces carpet re-soiling after cleaning because it lacks the detergent-based ingredients that leave behind residue. We add deodorizers and two different enzymes to help sanitize and fight to eat up odor in your carpets (deodorizers are not designed to rid pet odors).

Fabric Protection

Fabric protection is necessary to prolong the lifespan of upholstery by replacing or reapplying the protective coating that can wear off with use. While most upholstered furniture is initially protected, this coating diminishes over time, making it crucial to apply fabric protection to maintain its appearance regularly.

Water base

Economical and Highly Effective

Scotchgard surrounds carpet and upholstery fibers with an invisible barrier that protects against oil and water-based stains. When spills and accidents do occur, the customer has more time to get the spot up before it becomes a stain – helping ensure the carpet stays looking newer and fresher for longer. Plus, Scotchgard helps release stains more easily during professional cleanings, making all our jobs easier too!

Environmentally Friendly

Here’s something else you will love – 3M Scotchgard is environmentally friendly. 3M no longer uses perfluorooctanol chemical (PFOS) compounds in the Scotchgard formula. So not only does our customer get excellent stain protection, but also we can confidently use a formula that has enhanced environmental, health, and safety benefits that pass regulatory reviews of the EPA and other environmental agencies around the world.

Non-water base

Premium Protection

An advanced solvent base, fluorochemical for use on carpet and fabric to provide maximum protection against both oil and water base stains. With superior fiber protection and migration properties to supply thoroughly long-lasting protection. Safe for use on all New Generation carpet. Safe for all carpets and fabric, including “bleeders” and other materials that may be damaged by water. This product also protects against fading and damage caused by ultraviolet rays. An advanced fluoropolymer system; that does not contain silicone. This product does not contain perfluorooctanol chemical (PFOS) or perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), it's nontoxic and hypoallergenic when it drys.

(Not required, but recommended)


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