Baltimore and surrounding counties for Disinfecting & Sanitizing

Sanitize 4 Serenity uses the latest technology in electrostatic spraying equipment for disinfecting and sanitizing your residential or commercial location in the Baltimore metropolitan areas.


Disinfecting & Sanitizing

Handheld electrostatic disinfecting bathroom sink from Sanitize 4 Serenity

It is unseen. Something is openly hiding

With the heightened awareness of COVID-19, many of us now are very conscious of the importance of keeping our areas, homes, or businesses disinfected, sanitized, and cleaned.

These services are excellent for active locations like Airbnb, Assistant Living, Schools, Places of Worship, Restaurants, Local Stores, Fitness Centers, Hotels, Businesses, Warehouses, and your everyday Homes or Offices.

We offer three completely different services to help you at your location. All three services we can use simultaneously based on your needs. For example, we can disinfect and sanitize a mattress, carpets, or floors with or without chemicals. And other conductive surfaces with solutions only.

Our UVC-Germicidal Light, a destroyer of germs, viruses, and pathogens, second is our Air Fogger to eliminate germs floating. The third is our Electrostatic Sprayers that wrap around and stick to surfaces with a positive charge and kill germs.

Wow! Photos

This is a typical area of a home when a disinfecting with an electrostatic spray on your bathroom faucet.

Convenient Method

Electrostatic supercharger spray on things touched most. It covers the top, underneath, back, and sides as we advance. If you need a fogging at your location because you suspect that there have been germs released in the air, that's the service for you. ECO-Friendly UVC-Germicidal Light is excellent for areas we can reach that you don't want chemicals sprayed.


If using the UVC-Germicidal Light to wipe-out germs there’s no chemicals needed.

10 min dwell

All we need is 10 minutes of dwell time to kill and destroy this virus known as COVID-19.

Germs free

After we finish with our service, treated areas are virus and germ free.


We can effectively eliminate germs and viruses in nonporous areas too with our UVC-Germicidal Light.

Any Location

We can handle both Residential & Commercial locations. Both types of places need to have their locations safe for family and customers.

Off Limit

Now that the germs are eliminated, and depending on what service type your location is off limits for a short time.


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